Review: Save Me

Save Me Save Me by Cecy Robson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Bittersweet Stars!

I've been reading this series from the very beginning and to see it all end, saddens me, but leaves with a profound sense of peace.  My love for these characters and this series know no bounds!

First introduced in another series, The O'Brien clan have made me laugh, made me ugly cry, and made me tear up with joy - all in the name of family.  Family is what it's all about and no more so than for the main character in this story - Seamus O'Brien.  He's got older brother, younger brothers and a sister, and he wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.  To see them all happily settled in their personal lives makes he truly wish that he could find the same happiness.

Enter Allie Mendes.  Allie is also all about family - avoiding them that is.  She loves her family, but in small doses, as they tend to not only bring her down, but make her feel insignificant and constantly berate her in favor of her much loved sister Val.   A chance encounter at a a bakery may just be the thing to get her family off her back - and also a chance a HEA.

Allie and Seamus - both struggling with family duty & obligations.  They are like caterpillars struggling to become butterflies.  Can these two lost souls discover their forever in each other? 

Cecy Robson had me from the get go!  The emotions of her characters fly off of each page and just absorb you into their turmoil, thoughts, & lives.  This was superb writing - the perfect combination of heart, humor, romance and sex appeal.

Save Me is more than a tale of family, it's about finding your inner strength, standing up for yourself against those that would bring you down, and finding second chances where you least expect.
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