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Review: The End Zone

The End Zone The End Zone by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Athletic Goodness Stars!

The End Zone by LJ Shen is a friends to lovers romance. I was quickly engrossed by this story, especially with the fake relationship twist that the hero tries to perform. Ms. Shen - oh how I love her brand of hot, conceited, cocky heroes. Sage is ALL that and a bag of chips!

Sage and Jolie are childhood friends from long ago. I adore Jolie. She really put herself out there in a way I don't think I could of. Their story spans years of hardship, father & abuse issues and pulls at the emotions - so much so, I teared up many times during my read.

I loved the depth of these characters and the layers that were peeled back and exposed. I felt like I've known several Jolie's and Sage's in my life. This was a wonderful read and I'm eager to get to the other stories in this anthology, because if they are anything like this one - I won't be disappointed!

The special content had my heart palpitating in anticipation! I cannot wait for what's to come :)

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