Review: Baby Maker

Baby Maker Baby Maker by Jenika Snow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4 Stars!

Tex has always wanted Calissa forever, regardless of the fact that he's 12 years older ... or that she's his sister's best friend.  But he's kept his distance.  He's watch out for her, protect her when he's needed to step in, but he's tired of watching men come on her.  He just can't take it one day more!  The time has come to claim what he considers his and have her irrevocably tied to him - by any means necessary.

Calissa has been in love with her best friends brother since she was teen.  New to town, Tex and his family have always been there for her, but she's afraid that things will change if she confesses to how she feels.

Will Tex and Calissa give into their mutual attraction?  Will Tex live up to his threat to tying Calissa to him - by any means necessary?  Will Calissa friendship suffer the fallout?

This is another story from the Real Man series. I have enjoyed reading this series from the start as they are not only quick to read, but they always have steamy dirty sexiness as well as a HEA.

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