Review: Get It On

Get It On Get It On by J. Kenner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

Finally, Tyree - the owner of The Fix - gets to have his say!  And some shocking news from his past makes itself known in the present, when a young woman named Elena shows up and introduces herself as his daughter.  Seems like 20 yrs or so ago, another woman named Eva had fling with Tyree while he was stationed near her and somehow they parted ways.  Will this become to straw that breaks the camels back?  Or are Tyree and Eva due for a second chance at love?

I enjoyed getting to know more about our stoic bar owner and his backstory - especially his love life.  Seems as if Eva was the one who got away and his wife Teiko was the love of his life.  While there are some sad parts to this story, I found myself engrossed in Eva & Tyree's second chance - especially since Elena was the driving force behind it. 

Get It On is definitely a fun, quick read and a great addition to the Man of the Month series.

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