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Review: Start Me Up

Start Me Up Start Me Up by J. Kenner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

Nolan Wood.  A wise cracking, in your face shock jock of local morning radio.  Nothing is off limits with him. Shelby Drake.  CPA accountant, nerdy, reserved, she's just looking to further her career.  These two are the definition of polar opposites, but lord how they mesh so beautifully! 

They meet across our favorite bar, and the attraction is not only mutual, but simmering to a boil!  What was supposed to be just a one night stand, turns into a full blown passionate relationship neither can walk away from, nor ignore.  But what happens when Nolan's on air personality clashes with Shelby's demure attitude? 

It was lust turned to love at first sight for me, Nolan and Shelby!  This book is just what I needed to get me over my book hangover.  Not only was it an enjoyable read, it had me hooked from the prologue to end.  I adored witnessing these two characters - seeing their chemistry spark a life of it's own.  Shelby needed to break free and let her hair down ... what better way to help a girl out, right Nolan? *wink*  Each month, I look forward to the new man who enters the contest at The Fix on Sixth and Mr. April was no different.

And good lord, I can't wait for Mr. May!! *squee*

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