Review: Gods & Monsters

Gods & Monsters Gods & Monsters by Saffron A. Kent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Monster Stars!

My god. I thought I'd read everything I needed to, until this! This story has changed me, not because of how it made me feel, but how it made me think. Lordy, this one is definitely not one to be missed ...

This is the story of Evie. She's sweet, well mannered, and sees the good in everyone. This is also Abel's story. He's a lonely boy, has had a hard time of late, and is an outcast because of the nature of his birth. When Evie and Abel meet, no one wants them around each other - but Evie senses in Abel a wounded spirit that she must help heal. They soon begin to fall in love. No one is happy about this, least of all Evie's domineering mother. Forced to choose between her parents "love" and Abel's, Evie makes the only choice she can by following her heart. But where her heart leads her is not where she hoped to end up. 

I've learned so many lessons reading this book - it's brought up a saying I learned many years ago from bible study - "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone". No one in this day and age is without some form of sin. In short, you should: 1. Be kind, to everyone ... you never known when or how that kindness will be repaid in return; 2. Never judge a person based on their parents actions; and 3. When you see an injustice occurring, speak up. Remind that person that God is love, not hate. 

Saffron A. Kent is an amazing writer and storyteller. There's beauty in her words and in the creation of her flawed characters. I have never felt more while reading this book. The Unrequited had to be not only one of my top rated books, but also a book that left me with major #bookhangover & #AllTheFeels. I just knew, given the little tidbits that the author shared, this book would be in the same league. But it's not really. It's SO MUCH MORE! It's a home run that has been hit out of the ball park, to which the crowd will go absolutely bonkers over, much as I have.

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