Review: Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy Baby Daddy by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

Emmett and Jenna. Two career minded individuals. Emmett is a workaholic. He has NO time for a wife or family. Jenna is struggling to save her business. She also has NO time for a relationship, but her biological clock is ticking. They meet one day after getting stuck in an elevator. While killing time conversing, the topic of babies comes up. Jenna boldly tells Emmett of her plans. However, Emmett sensing a mutual attraction offers up another plan - let him help Jenna realize her dream ... just the old fashioned way.

This book was over the top and out of the box. The comedic banter between Emmett and Jenna to the unfolding of their most unusual love story was a lovely evolution. There is no major drama, just miscommunication and misunderstandings - but what do expect from such an unorthodox love story? I was consumed from the first page and invested in Emmett and Jenna’s relationship. It's adorable, light hearted fun, and off the chart chemistry. I laughed loudly - quite loudly.

Baby Daddy is sweet, romantic and highly sexy.

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