Review: xo, Zach

xo, Zach xo, Zach by Kendall Ryan
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Final Score - 5 Heavenly Stars!

I have to admit, I wasn't sure how this would play out - whether it would be love and first sight, hate at first sight, or lust at first sight ... but in the end it didn't matter because Zach Austin and Poppy Ellis were #destined4eachother.

XO, Zach is chalk full of endearing hearts, lots of heated passion and tons of non-stop humor.  You have been warned - you WILL both laugh and cry at the same time.

Zach and Poppy "meet" at a party - well, actually they don't so much as get introduced.  Looking across the room after seeing her ex with her newest Gf, Poppy walks up Zach and asks to pretend to be her date.  Charmed by her boldness, he agrees.   During the course of the evening, they not only have a fun evening together, but discover they have alot in common.  However, they part ways ... leaving it up chance/fate/circumstance as to decide if they should see each other again.  And they do ... just not in the way either would have predicted - you see, Poppy is a master's student and Zach is her advisor.

I absolutely, 100 percent feel in love with the storyline and the dual POV of both Zach and Poppy.  We learn so much about them their inner monologues. Their fears, their desires, what makes Poppy and Zach - well, Poppy and Zach.   Their friends and family brought patience and understanding as to why their relationship could potentially be a sticky situation to for them both, with all giving their two-cents worth.  No one more so than Zach’s mother!  I adore her candor and bluntness.  A woman after my own heart!!

The banter and chemistry between Zach and Poppy was tangible and leapt off the page as soon as their eyes connected across the floor.  I was drawn in and couldn't stop reading until the end.  This book showed a natural progression of their relationship and the seriousness of each of their situations without being contrite. 

XO, Zach is GOLD and fans or new readers of Kendall Ryan's books will be sure to enjoy!

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