Review: Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stardust Stars!

MIDNIGHT BLUE ... you have ruined me!  This is one book I would LOVE to give 10 Stars to if I could! 

While reading this book, my thoughts and emotions were all over the place.  I wanted to review it last night, but I needed to gather my thoughts together.  However, this book had my head spinning all night long and I couldn't stop my mind from over thinking things.  It was a restless night ...

This book was overflowing with wry wit, drama worthy angst, insufferable cruelty, impossible to deny chemistry and laugh out loud antics - all at the hands of Rock God Alex Winslow.   But what happens when you add to this kind of crazy ... an innocent, empathetic, just trying to hold it together pixie?  Who hasn't experienced more than their fair share of personal tragedy?  Who still manages pick themselves up and dust themselves off to face day after day with optimism and strength?  Who do you know who would sacrifice their own happiness? 

LJ Shen has done it again - sucked me into her books, carved out a placed in my heart for her characters and left me in want of more.  I haven't been let down by style of writing and I've never been disappointed in the outcomes.  This poetic love story about a girl who has suffered through life's greatest challenges and a broken addict shell of a man who desperately needs a lifeline thrown at him sure to lead you on one hell of a rollercoster ride of emotions!

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