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Review: The Bastard's Bargain

The Bastard's Bargain The Bastard's Bargain by Katee Robert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

I have hated Dmitri Romanov since his introduction several books back. He embodied everything that is hateful, so much so I wanted him dead.  However, I have to admit I was a bit intrigued that he was going to have his own book.  Frankly speaking, I wanted to know what made him tick and why he was the way he was.  This book didn't give me answers per say, but I felt I got to know Dmitri better.  What I found is that not every thing is black and white - there is a lot of grey.  It's in the grey that Dmitri not only resides, but works from as well.

He can come across as the devil - evil incarnate, but he's also so much more.  Especially when it comes to Kiera.  I won't spoil it by giving a play by play of what happens, but I will say this - it was a long arduous journey and the end result is nothing short of a beautiful.

Katee Robert knows how to make it easy for one and all to love a bad boy. Dimitri is the kind of man that is used to being in control of everything and everyone in his life.   But Keira isn't one to simply bow down and play along with having her life dictated to her.  I loved that about her.  She wanted to play the game as well - to be master of her own fate.  That takes some serious guts, especially in light of who her father and family are.  It was empowering to see her come into her own and be on the same level as Dmitri.  I even suspect that he enjoyed it way more than it seemed.

The best was most definitely saved for last!  Thank you Ms. Robert for such an engrossing saga - I never wanted the O'Malleys to fade away, but if they have to so be it.  The only thing I would change would be epilogue ... I'd love to see where the family is at in a few years time.

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