Review: Bad for You

Bad for You Bad for You by J. Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 My Heart is Aching, Yet Full Stars!

Sean (or Stitch as he’s better known as) is an ex-con trying to just make a new start for himself.  He's driven to put the past behind and move forward from the mistakes he's made in life.  He's new start is as a cook at Whitecaps, the local diner.  Stitch has always been the background, never getting close to any of the staff, but he's immediately taken with Shayla, a waitress at the diner. But he can't get too close, cause if she finds out who he really is, she may just walk away.  After all, that's all he's known in his life.

Shayla is more than what she seems.  Her waitress job is just so she can pay the bills and pursue her greater passion: hair-styling.  She wants make her business succeed as she is both hard working & determined.  She's also a woman who loves her family and her friends - to pieces and will ride and die with the best of them - Stitch included.  You see, Shayla is interested in Stitch, but Stitch is not reciprocating. 

Bad for You is the third book in the Dirty Deeds series by J. Daniels.  Each book just keeps getting better and better!  This is by the best one and the most anticipated one, if I do say so myself. 

This story is pure magic and shows the power of not only persistence, but of true love and all it's wonder.  I love stories of co-workers finding love with one another.    They start off as co-workers and progress to friends - albeit reluctantly.   Shayla and Stitch's relationship was a slow build, and it needed to be as the anticipation was heighten so much so, if we didn't see the background of their relationship form, I felt they wouldn't have a true HEA.

Bad for You  made me laugh out loud, sob and weep in a corner rocking myself slowly, and angry at the events which shaped a young man's life.  But in the end, you be better for having read through it to the end.  J. Daniels has out done herself with her writing.  I was completely immersed in it from the beginning to the end.  Words can hurt and words can heal, but this book gives hope that somewhere out there, some will listen and be mindful of how they speak, especially to someone who is so young and innocent as a child.

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