Review: Villain

Villain Villain by Samantha Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Villain is a companion story to Hero, but can definitely be read as a standalone. 

When the books first starts, we meet Nadia.  She's a broadcast meteorologist - her dream job.  However, she's not exactly working in a dream environment.  Her boss is blackmailing her.  He wants her to dig Caine Calloway's past (He's from the book Hero).  He snooping doesn't go unnoticed and soon Caine's best friend Henry is paying Nadia a visit.  However, all is not how it seems.

Henry is rich, powerful in his own right, and has a devilish charm that woos many women into his sphere - except Nadia.  Sparks do fly between them - but the misunderstanding of Nadia's activities into Caine's past is an obstacle neither one can seems to overcome.

Mutual distrust and a powerful attraction soon lead both into a passionate affair.  But Nadia still fears her past - one that can threaten their new relationship before it even starts.

I adored Henry's relentless pursuit of Nadia - even after the misunderstanding.  Their romances didn't get off the best start, but you gotta love it when the guy chases the girl - and eats a healthy dose of humble pie along the way.   Their road to love & HEA had just enough angst and humor to make it something a little bit more than the usual cliche romance - and I love that about Samantha Young's writing!

I have been reading Samantha Young for quite some time now, and she never disappoints or fails to deliver me a tear-jerker of a story.  They are the best kinds of stories.  I will forever read her books as long as she keeps writing.  She is truly a remarkable and talented writer.

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