Review: Undercover Attraction

Undercover Attraction Undercover Attraction by Katee Robert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Undercover Attraction is the latest book in the The O'Malley crime family saga by Katee Robert.
The book starts off with Aiden, the eldest O'Malley offspring, who's now in charge of the "family".
 He's got a lethal, intricate mind and is constantly scheming to keep control not only over the O'Malley territory in Boston, but his wayward siblings as well.  Charlie is a former cop with a huge grudge against the person who took away her dream of being the best - in her father's eyes.  What starts off as a revenge plot against a common enemy soon turns or rather, ignites an intense and passionate affair between the bad boy from the wrong side of the law and a girl who's belief in justice prevailing has diminished into ash.

Aiden and Charlie - two people caught up in family drama - who should never have met, let alone find common ground with one another, yet have and it's the perfect antidote to this series!  I loved the dynamic of such two strong willed characters coming together, and both Aiden & Charlie did not disappoint!  Charlie fits into the wealth of strong women characters Ms. Robert has created in this series thus far. 

I have to admit - this is quite possibly my 2nd favorite book of the series as it perfectly sets up the main attraction to the next book - which I absolutely cannot WAIT to read.  I've been dying to read Dmitri and Keira's tale for a while.   I won't give any spoilers - because you just have to immerse yourself into this world - but so much of what was anticipated/hinted at in the previous books - came to fruition in this book!  Can you just say "jaw dropping"?

Undercover Attraction is a masterpiece that not only blows you away with inner working of a mob family and their brand of crazy, but draws you into their stories of crime, reckless passion and fierce loyalty.  I have followed this series from the very beginning - after quickly reading a blurb - and I have to say,  my heart has been taken away by this family.  You just can't help but root for this band of criminals!  I can't wait to read the next one as it's sure to leave me breathless!

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