Review: Bad Habit

Bad Habit Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Asher is Da Man Stars!

Charleigh Rose does not disappoint with this latest release!  Bad Habit is a mixture of fun, emotional angst, HAWTNESS, and slight moral in aptitudes.  All in all - you will question yourself for having read it - but in the in end, not care at all!

I absolutely, 100% LOVE Asher Kelley - maybe more so than Briar.  Yes, he's the ultimate bad boy, but her motivations and selflessness are what are endearing about him.  He's always felt a strong connection to his best friend's sister Briar - but being younger than him, he knows that's not a line he's willing to cross.  Until the moment he does - and well, I can't say I blame the boy. Asher is just so irresistibly swoony - what girl (Young or Old?) can resist him?

Briar was amazingly put together for such a young girl - she's 14 when the story starts. This girl  knows what she wants, and she makes no apologies about it - she is not the type of girl to let it slip through her fingers.  She's a fighter - for truth and righteous, but she knows that life isn't a fairy tale.  You can't call this girl a push over - she will stand up for herself and other's when she sees an injustice.

The side characters were pretty comical and hair raising - but give good depth to this story - even the awful ones.  I definitely would like to see more stories come from this book, especially Adrian & Dash's antics *wink*

This was a fast paced, great read that leaves you wanting MORE.

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