Review: Tempting Sophia

Tempting Sophia Tempting Sophia by Jessica Prince
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

This book is part of a series of friends finding love, as only can be done by Jessica Prince - with whit, hilarity and drama ... SO MUCH DRAMA! And I enjoyed EVERY minute of it.  She has once again proved her own brand of unique writing.  The characters are amazing, solid, and show not only strong personalities but their vulnerability.  It's almost as if they are true to life and an old friend. 

This story deals with a second chance at romance - about righting a wrong done to another due to miscommunication.  Sophia and Dominic are sweethearts from long ago - she's the best friend of his sister who he never noticed until much later.  After being together for four years, they had a huge fight and due to miscommunication, they haven't really spoken to each other for 10 years. 

It was hard to pick a side in this debate - Dominic was in the wrong, but so was Sophia - however, this wasn't about what side was right/wrong.  It was more about "Can you acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them, and attempt to start over again".  

You could clearly see the mistakes made on both sides - through flashbacks of their relationship - and you start to see/understand where they both went went wrong.  But what never left either one of them was the deep love they shared.  But now the question is - "Is love enough to start over again"?  

I enjoyed this story more than Seducing Lola - which was hysterical and LOL fun.  And while this book was funny, sexy and sweet - the angst of the the past is what solidified in my heart.  I wanted more angst. 

I can't wait to read the final story in this trilogy of girlfriends (Daphne's story sounds like it will break my sanity!) and can only hope that we get more snipets into Dominic & Sophia's future as we did with Lola and Grayson in this.

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