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Review: Saving Brad

Saving Brad Saving Brad by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 I Believe in Brad Stars!

I quite honestly didn't believe that Brad would ever let go of Faye.  Its been years, and he has endured being the third wheel - a place he seemed hell bent staying in.  He's become a manwhore in his efforts to exorcise Faye from his system, but she always managed to stay firmly tied/locked into this never-ending abyss of obsession/devotion that Brad firmly held onto.  So much so he's not only damage his friendship ... but his soul and self-respect.

Now Rachel is Faye’s best friend.  She's recently moved across the pond to begin another chapter in her life - a life plagued by secrets and a shame all her own.   She's just escaped a living nightmare that no one close her know about - this girl really keeps things locked up.  It would have otherwise crushed her spirit, but Rachel is stronger than she thinks. 

It’s no secret that Brad and Rachel are old acquaintances - if you want to look at them like that - but these two are more like oil and vinegar.  They don't really mesh well, given their circumstances, but somehow together they just work.  Especially when both are just in need a good friend.   And when push comes to shove, their combined strength and shared past pain brings them together - in unexpected ways.

Could it be that Rachel is the woman that Brad needs to finally let go of Faye?  What's Rachel hiding and just how bad is her secret pain?  Can Brad save Rachel?  Can they these lost and wounded souls heal each other and make a go of their relationship?

This book may be Siobhan Davis’ best work yet.  This series is known for angst, drama, and probably one of the most dysfunctional functioning families ever, but boy is it entertaining getting to know to the Kennedy clan!  However, when it comes to friends and family, these Kennedy's stand by their own - and Brad is mostly definitely considered to be one of them. 

This story really touched me in that Rachel and I shared the same pain.  A most heinous betrayal by someone who is supposed to love and protect you.  I empathized with her so much.  Her strength gave me strength to finish the book as it was difficult at times for me get through. 

This story will make you cry, make you want to shed blood, but in the end ... it will make you believe in the power of love.  A love that can truly heal the worst pain and hurt another human being has gone through.  A love that although wasn't considered "meant to be", is now the only love that could ever be. 

I have to say a big Thank you to Siobhan Davis for doing this story right.  SAVING BRAD is incredible and Must Read!

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