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I’ve always considered myself the one who would never settle down, but that wasn’t because I don’t want to. I’ve been in love for years, with Lily, the one woman I’m not good enough for.

Then again, Slade “Cutter” Cutsinger, the man we both look up to, a man who has been a parental figure to Lily since her father died, is fiercely protective of her. I don’t want to cross any lines, especially when he’s an important part of my life as well.

I want Lily too much to ignore how I feel, to pretend that I can stay away.


There has only ever been one person I’ve loved, but I know I can never have him. Our paths have never crossed romantically, and I’m too afraid to admit how I feel. I’m not a little girl anymore. I know what I want in life, and I don’t want to ignore it anymore.

I want to be Brock’s until it consumes me, no matter how dangerous it may be.


When an enemy from my past resurfaces and threatens the one person I love, it’s up to me to protect Lily. We’re trapped in a cabin and isolated from the world until the threat is handled. I know that I won’t be able to keep my self-control restrained with her around.

It’s time I man up and finally tell Lily that’s she’s always been mine.

Warning: This is a short but sexy romantic suspense story that is based in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World. If you like your heroes over-the-top alpha with eyes for only one woman, hold on tight because you’re in for one wild ride.

I pulled back and stared into her eyes, wanting to tell her that everything would be okay, that I had things under control. I did, to an extent. But the world was fucked up, and if we could have this one moment where we were just loving each other and not worrying about the fucked-up shit outside of these walls, then I’d give it to her tenfold.
“Please, I need you,” she moaned, and I almost lost it right then. I nearly came without even being inside of her.
I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I wanted Lily. Only her.
“When it comes to you, I have no control. None, Lily.” I wanted to devour every part of her. I wanted her to scream my name as I made her feel good. I wanted her to come for me as I licked every part of her body.
I wanted her to know that I was here for her, that I’d always be here for her and keep her safe. I saw her throat work as she swallowed. She was ready, so fucking primed I knew if I touched her in just the right way, she’d come for me.
I was going to last tonight.
“I want you.”
I groaned. “I’m so fucking hungry for you.” I wanted to hear her scream it out as she came for me, wanted our limbs a tangled mess and the sheets damp from our sweat as we fucked.
“I want you too, baby.”
“I want to be yours in every way.”
“You’re already mine. You’ve been mine.” I didn’t bother lying.
She licked her lips, and I was riveted to the sight. “You’re so beautiful.” I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the seam of her lips. With us now standing, I moved us backward until she was pressed against the front door, the wood stopping her so she couldn’t escape, if the thought even moved through her mind.
The scent of her surrounded me, filled my head, made me intoxicated. I ground my hard dick right up against her belly again, unable to help myself. She made this little gasp, and I growled in approval. “You feel that, how hard I am for you, how ready I am to take you?”
She had her head resting back on the door, her mouth parted, and her eyes half-closed.
“God. I need you, Lily.” I slipped my hand around her nape and curled my fingers, leaning down and running my tongue along the side of her throat, feeling her pulse beat harder, tasting the salty-sweet flavor of her skin. I licked at her throat again and again, needing so much more of her. She lifted her hands and placed them on my biceps, digging her fingers into my flesh. I loved the pain that slammed into me as her nails pierced my flesh. “I want you as mine forever,” I admitted.
“I am yours.”

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

There's just something about stories from the delicious mind of J. Snow that call to me ... besides the quick plot lines and lovable characters.  It's the vision she paints with her words about her dominant alpha males and their often times virgin conquests.

In her latest, the alpha male -Brock - and woman he loves - Lily - are suffering a case of unrequited love.  I would really love if the story focused more in their relationship evolving because there is some juicy stuff there that needed to be told.  It was a bit too fast paced for me, but nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

Of course, there is some down and dirty HAWT scenes and the HEA.  I recommend it if you are looking for a quick Saturday afternoon read.

Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

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