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Review: Scandalous

Scandalous Scandalous by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Trent is The Hothole to END ALL HOTHOLES Stars!

I don't know how she does it, but each #HotHole just gets better & more ... douchey, but in an attractive "I so wish you were real, cuz I'd jump your bones" kind of way. Real difficult to achieve, but I'm starting to realize that since Troy happened, the author knows this type well and knows how to deliver it as well. Love you Leigh <3 and="" p="" thank="" you="">
I'm in serious LUST with a man, dickhead attitude and all! #hopelesscase #TrentISMine  I just can't say enough about him.  Just know that once you start this book, you will forgo eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, and sex (unless it's with a vibrator on hand and ready to go as you read this).  Yes, I'm that confident you will LOVE this!

Revisiting old hotholes was nice - #ViciousISStillDelicious - but move over man (and Dean, sorry - you are so adorable) - but this girl firmly belongs to TRENT.  Trent isn't what you expect in a hothole - ok, well yeah he's got the attitude, the looks, the style ... but he's more.  So much more!  In the end, he's just a man, albeit a bit broken, looking to help his daughter any way he can.  He loves that little girl so much, as he wants is for her to just open up and experience the world.

Luna is such a bright, beautiful child.  Not very articulate - much like her father - but when she wants you to know something, better watch out!  I adore this child and can really see no one else as being her dad but Trent.  They are a package deal.

Edie broke my heart with the weight of the world on her slim and tired shoulders.  Absent parents?  Jesus girl, I would have run the hell away.  But she can't because then she'd be leaving the other half of her behind.  That is the measure of true love.  This girl is swimming in it!

When this hothole and this beach babe meet - their worlds not only collide, but they combust.  Age difference be damned, these two are on a level playground as far as I'm concerned.  Maturity is not based on one's age - its based off of one's actions.  Trent was left with an infant daughter to raise, and Edie was left to her devices by parents who were too caught up in themselves.  These things have broken peoples spirits, but not these two.  They are the definition of survivor.

Gah, I seriously need to do a re-read this weekend.  I just can't accept that it's done/over. #TrentISKing #separationanxiety #INeedMoreHotholes

So many twists, SO many turns.  The best was most definitely saved for last.  Don't miss out!

To the author - Leigh - girl! I seriously love your twisted, diabolical mind. Please come to NY soon for a signing as I must bow at altar that is YOU ... For real!

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