Review: Exes with Benefits

Exes with Benefits Exes with Benefits by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Canaan and Maggie have known each other practically their whole lives. From friends they became lovers and married very early. Life and the troubles we couldn't see pushed them away from the other.  Desperate, Maggie leaves town ... and Canaan.  Five years later, she returns - divorce papers in hand.  However, Canaan sees this as an opportunity win back the love of his life.

What caught my attention right away was the age of the characters when they married - 18. That is so young, too young.  No real life experiences. How can you know at such a young age that you've found your "forever".  That's what the bulk of this book deals with - whether they are truly right for one another, but it happened at the wrong time.

I adored both Maggie and Canaan.  They are great people and from the very first chapter, I held out hope that these two will be together again - despite all the odds stacked up against them - time, distance, maturity, etc.   Their passion for one another was felt from the get go.  But their very real pain - left me in heartache.

From the first, I was hooked on these two.  Canaan is the kinda of guy we want for ourselves - flawed, imperfect, but regretful over his actions.  He was the one who matured the most in my opinion.  Maggie I felt was still stunted by the past, and for a majority of the book, I couldn't help but want to smack her awake from the past.

A sweet, true and honest romance, EXES WITH BENEFITS is a book about the power of forgiveness - forgiveness for ones self and one actions; it also shows the power of giving someone a second chance to not only right a wrong, but heal from it as well.  

What I loved the most was that its about loving someone so much that the feeling is forever imprinted on ones heart - so much so that even if you don't stay with this person, time and distance does not stop the love you have for them.   If love is still there, then its worth trying for again.  I highly recommend reading this, for you too will believe!

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