Review: The Irish Getaway

The Irish Getaway The Irish Getaway by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Stars!

The Kennedys have gone to Ireland ... but is Ireland ready for this group?

Ky and Faye are the first to arrive and spend three weeks there on their own. The rest of the gang join them later and then the real adventure begins.

Those first three weeks are a blissful, contented time for them - especially for them to reconnect after the events from the last book. They make new memories in Faye's home, which helps her in dealing with the aftermath of her parents unexpected death - even months later.

Can I just say I LOVE these two together?  I definitely see these two lasting until their both old and gray - together, surround by grandchildren!

Anyway, this story wasn't only about them - the family has decided to take a joint trip to visit the "motherland".  I should have known from the moment these beautiful people stepped through the sliding doors, Ireland was in for a treat - Kennedy style.  Attention mothers of the land - HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS! The Kennedy Boys have landed in Ireland!!!!

These boys are ready to party - Irish style and yet somehow, wherever these Kennedy Boys go, they stir up trouble.  This book is packed full of Kennedy adventures that you won't want to miss - and a few small key details that aren't to be missed as well.

The book is the perfect companion and set up for Kalvin's story, which is next in the series.  Definitely not one to be missed!

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