Review: Loving Kalvin

Loving Kalvin Loving Kalvin by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

I have loved the Kennedy boys, mostly Kyler & Kalvin since the beginning of this series and have eagerly been awaiting Kalvin's story.  And it doesn't disappoint!  His story is about forgiveness, and the hope of a second chances with the one you lost.  I do have to say, that I went into this with blind hatred for Lana and what she put Kal though.  But, this story shows her side/perspective on their relationship.  And I have to admit, she got to me, where she kinda turned my love for Kal into a dislike. All throughout the book, after everything was revealed, I was worried with how it would all play out, especially after what they had been through and the big secret - but as usual, Ms. Sibohan Davis didn't let me down and gave me what I so desperately needed.

Siobhan knows how to write a love story about second chances in the aftermath of unspeakable betrayal and lies.  The "secret" that Lana kept had me livid and angry, but I put myself in her place and wondered, "what would I have done differently"?  Not much.   And even as pissed as I was, I couldn't deny the deep emotional connection that exists between Kal and Lana - they truly are each other's other half.

Now, next up in the series my bad boy Brad, and I'm so excited on how his book will go! Needless to say, I need his book now!!

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