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Review: Lessons in Losing It

Lessons in Losing It Lessons in Losing It by Jessica Peterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!!!

This the fourth book in the Study Abroad series, and if this is the end - what a SWAN SONG! I’m so sad to see this series end, but I’m glad to say I’ve enjoyed reading at least half of this series (I will be getting to the 1st two books at a later date in time). Even without having read the 1st & 2nd books, I just know that this book was a perfect ending.

What I've enjoyed the most about reading this book is how Jessica Peterson took something so common and carved a real live passionate romance. I have never read a romance story where the heroine is not your average virgin but the Hero is - that is such a game changer!! There needs to be more stories like this and it is not only refreshing, but so different from everything else.

I’m positive that whatever else Ms. Peterson writes next, it will not only be amazing, but completely original and I cannot wait to read it. I'm literally jumping in my seat with anticipation!
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