Review: I Need You Tonight

I Need You Tonight I Need You Tonight by Stina Lindenblatt
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Final Score - 5 No! It Can't Be Over Stars!!

This is the 3rd and final installment of the Pushing Limits series. I'm so sad to see it go, but what a BANG it went out on!

This books deals with Mason Dell. He's living the dream, as the drummer in one of the hottest up-and coming rock bands to hit the stage. He's also the resident prankster/comic relief from the previous books. When he receives a call from his best friend saying that his baby sister is unreachable on her cell and has been so for a few days. He then asks if Mason could stop by her place and make sure that she's O.K. and Mason is more than willing to drop everything and honor his friend's request - seeing as how he owes him for having saved his life years ago.

I Need You Tonight offers readers that perfect blend of topical relevance and hot, steamy, romance.
Both lead characters have pasts that are touched by gambling and it's addiction. As a result, both are reluctant to share details of their lives with each other. This of course becomes more of an issue as the story and their relationship progresses. Add the stresses and temptations of life on the road, and the unexpected death of a family member, you have the recipe for someone falling off the wagon and down he slippery slope into addiction once again.

There are lighter moments in this book, such as a wedding and the comic relief of the "swear jar". Stina Lindenblatt's ability to weave reality into her tale, in a way that makes flow both naturally and effortlessly. Her writing shows superb talent and care for both the storyline & her characters. This is not a book you want to pass the chance at reading.
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