Review: Wild Ride

Wild Ride Wild Ride by Sam Crescent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4 Stars!

Each book in this series is a standalone, however previous characters do make reappearances in each one. I enjoy being able to read about previous characters I've fallen in lust with and seeing how their relationships have progressed & how they help the new characters out with their.

I ADORE my motorcycle men, the rougher and aggressive they are, the more delight I take in seeing when they find/fall in love with their "forever" woman. I enjoyed the chemistry between Vengeance and Constance and each having their own inner battles at to whether or not they have found the "real deal" with one another. Constance coming out of her shell and Vengeance learning to put someone else above the club was beautiful to see as each wasn't fully living until the other "dropped" into their life.

This book is not only enjoyable but as per Jenika Snow, has great writing, steamy love scenes, and strikes the perfect balance. And now onto the wait of Weasel's story. This one is sure to be a doozy!

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