Review: Ruckus

Ruckus Ruckus by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Ruckus is MINE Stars!!

I've been anticipating this story since it was fist mentioned and all I can say is - IT LIVES UP TO THE HYPE! I adored Vicious in all his deliciousness, but Ruckus is by far my favorite and my one true LOVE of the #Hotholes and he is definitley a mustus!!!

This book is written in two duel PoV's (Rose and Dean's) and from two points in time (11 yrs ago and the present). Dean in the present is an over-worked, alcoholic. Roxie in the present is trying to maintain a normal life, despite her illness' limitations. Dean from 11 yrs ago is cocky, arrogant, and has just met the love of his life after knocking on the door of her house to ask her sister out. 
Rose from 11 yrs ago has just met the love of her life, who she realizes she can never really have.

GAH! Romeo & Juliet have NOTHING over this tragic love story gone so terribly wrong. Rose and Dean's chance at love would be like watching a train wreck and it's aftermath. But it's not only the relationship between Rose & Dean that make this story excel, its the underlining relationships of parents & children and friends to friends - the damages we inflict on one another and on ourselves when secrets are kept/hidden from one another - that truly make this story a Ruckus of cosmic proportions!

Written with wit, drama and suspense, a style that I've come to expect from LJ Shen, Ruckus is a gem of a book. The book takes you on a rollercoaster ride that will not only leave you in tears, but will have you questioning your sanity. Side note: Make sure you read with tissues, as I didn't and well I made a mess of myself. 

Another side note: I don't know how anyone could stay in love for 11 years, from afar, after having dated one's sister! Nevertheless, the guy finally got his girl, the one he was always meant to have, and made her dreams come true.

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