Review: The Line

The Line The Line by Amie Knight
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

Amie Knight has done it again ... she is the queen of making me #UglyCry.

This book was an emotional, fabulous, and heartwarming story - I dare you not be effected by it's Southern charm and sass as well. The heroine, Everly, was bold, and strong and she's a rock-star to survive all that she has ... she completely stole the show for me and it's because of her strength that cried so hard and loved every minute of it.

The Line is about a young homeless girl and what she does to survive in rural, small town America. She may have been victimized, but she's strong-willed & resilient, and doesn't let life kick her down any further than it already has.

One night when Everly was just 16, she met a man and that encounter changed her life. He gives her food, shelter, a shoulder to lean on.  Little does she know that this man, even though he's actions are as much for him as it is for her, will save her life.  Afterwards, Everly will use those memories and his kindness to get through some of the hard times that lay ahead.

The story fast forwards to where Everly, now 20, is no longer homeless.  And she's about to embark on a summer spent working on a peach farm, courtesy of someone else who saved her life, dear friend Mama Lou. And even though she's nervous & excited for the new challenge, Everly feels as if her life is about to change again.

And that farm does changes her life - she not only finds people who really care about her, but kindred spirits. Most importantly, she who and what she finds is ... herself.

This story made me laugh, made me cry, gave me goosebumps, because as I was reading, the secret of this book revealed itself to me and boy was I shocked and elated!   This novel wove a story that makes you keep turning the page, just to uncover the beauty that shines within - with an ending that was absolutely perfect.   This was the perfect, sweet coming off age story about a lost girl finally being found.

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