Review: Where Good Girls Go To Die

Where Good Girls Go To Die Where Good Girls Go To Die by Holly Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4.5 Epic Stars!!

This book chewed me up and spit me out ... but oh what a ride it was!

This was just one of those books I just didn't want to put down - from beginning to end I was mesmerized by Parker & Liv's relationship ups and downs.

While this is my first book from this author, I can absolutely promise you it won't be my last. This book goes back and forth between the past and present - and it gives you such insight to how Parker & Liv's relationship developed and ultimately came to a crashing end. But is it really over?

Sometimes, these aren't my favorite kinds of stories to read because the past can become a bore - littered with too much drama and angst. It take forever to get to the crux of situation - but that's not what happens in this story! Everything unfolded in a quick and timely manner. It was straight to the point and the plot-line/dialogue wasn't dragged or had any lagging.

Liv & Parker have felt an attraction for each for years, but do not act on it. The reason - Parker is Liv's brother's best friend and he would most definitely NOT approve. Fast forward to the present and they have lost touch with one another, but a surprising visit forces old wounds to reopen and thrusts the one-time lovers into each other's lives again.

I was literally dying for these two to get a second chance - it was obvious that they had no real closure and things weren't as they seemed. But would they get that second chance?

I won't spoil it for you - but you must read this! Parker & especially Liv - to me are to die for.

This story has angst, drama, first love, second chance, redemption ... all rolled up into a piece of perfection. And I for one cannot wait to see where the next book in this series goes - or who's in it.

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