Review: This Isn't Fair, Baby

This Isn't Fair, Baby This Isn't Fair, Baby by K. Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 THE $#*& HAS HIT THE FAN Stars!!!

Review to come... cuz I need to sleep on this peeps!

Ok ... I'm back!  And I need to vent!!

Never thought I'd utter these words, but 'm in LOVE/LUST/WORSHIP of Daddy D. OMG, YES!!! I want more of Daddy D. I NEED more of Daddy D ... and more of my Gabe!! 💘  HOLY hell was he EPIC in this book.

Oscar!  I had really hoped that Oscar would redeem himself ... but he broke my heart 💔

ESTEBAN!!! I still want him D-E-D ... DEAD, but I have to say, I love how diabolical Vee's mind went in regards to his fate. I say justice is being served and it couldn't be happening to a MORE deserving scumbag 👿

There was more that happened, but I won't get it away.  Just know that the whole mess up gang is back, including Brie, Ren, Luci and Calder.  I did a series of happy dances throughout while reading this book.

But that ending! OMG ... Gabe and Hannah one day?!  I still don't know how I feel about the development ... and therein lies the crux of my dilemma.  There is A LOT to process after reading this on folks ... A LOT to think about, it may keep you up at night as well, but it is OH SO WORTH IT!

I am quite sad that this series is ending with the next book.  How will it all end?  What will happen to my Gabe, Daddy D and War?  What about the women in their lives?  GAH!  I don't want this to end :'(

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