Cover Reveal for KNEEL FOR ME by Brandy Baldwin!

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Kneel for Me
Author: Brandy Baldwin
Release date: April 19, 2017
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“Take my v*rginity. It’s yours, Father,” she whispers into my ear.
She calls me Father Gabriel
Wanting Mary is against all the rules. She’s sweet, pure, and too young for me.
Except here I am, craving her with a single-minded madness that means my ruin. Despite my vow of celibacy and oath to God, I know that she’s mine. Now that she’s finally an adult, I can’t resist her anymore.
It’s time for me to claim everything she’s offered me…She’ll be my little angel.
He calls me his Virgin Mary
I’ve been in love with Father Gabriel for years. He thinks I’m innocent, and while I’m untouched, I love him and need him. God put me in his path for a reason.
For years, I was just one of his flock, a young girl he saved and had given a second chance to. Then, I knelt before him in confession and offered him everything: my heart, soul, and innocence. He promises me love and punishment for my behavior. I know I deserve it, I’ve been a very bad girl.
But what he doesn’t know, is that while he is Father to me…I really wish he was Daddy.

About the Author

Brandy Baldwin lives in Florida and writes smutty romance novels. Her favorite things are laying by the pool, drinking coffee, and thinking of how to tease all the dirty girls in the world with new book boyfriends.

She specializes in love at first sight, taboo pairings, and dirty, dominant men.

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