Review: Verloren

Verloren Verloren by Kathryn Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 What's Gonna Happen Next Stars!!!

We meet Grace & Matteo in this book ... and we get a glimpse into Grace and Jonathan's life as a married couple.

Grace is in Italy to secure some art for her family's auction house. The owner wants to sell them to be closer to family as his wife has passed. Just before she's to make her introduction, Sophie embarrasses herself be nearly falling down a flight of stairs. However, she's rescued by Matteo. He's mysterious, tall, and enchanting upon first meeting. He suddenly turns cool and aloof upon discovering Sophie's intentions. Turns out Matteo is close to the art owner and doesn't wish him to leave Italy.

Thus begins a battle of wills, attraction and an affair is born. But how long will it last? Will Matteo resort back to the aloof and cool man Sophie first met? What secrets is he hiding? And why?

I have to say, I enjoyed this next installment in the Colours of Love series. I have my suspicions about where the next book is headed, but I'm gonna wait to see if they come true (*cough*infidelity/murder/suicide*cough*). I love Ms. Taylor's discriptive writing style and how she brings her characters to life. I also want to see Matteo redeem himself and Sophie to break out of her shell more. I can't wait to find out what happens to Sophie & Matteo next!

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