Review: Surviving Harley

Surviving Harley Surviving Harley by K. Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Pixie Bear Stars!

The blurb was out there - but it intrigued me enough to request this book. The premise reads like a reality TV show - an arranged marriage and non stop filming of a couple who have married at first. Throw in a terrorist cell determined to "free" the world from electronics and you have something really out there ... or do you? 

When it comes to K. Webster, I've learned to embrace "out there" thoughts and to expect the unexpected. And book delivers, with some panty-melting scenes. Of course, no novel is complete without a bearded alpha male who is going all out to protect his woman - and who doesn't love that? The heroine is like a damsel in distress but it works in this crazy little novella. 

I enjoyed the hell outta it. And of course my favorite part - it's part of a series. I'm totally on that!

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