Review: An Imperfect Engagement

An Imperfect Engagement An Imperfect Engagement by Alyssa Drake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 I Think I've Solved This Stars!!

We begin the next book, literally, just hours after the previous one ends. I had to go back and refresh myself with what happened in the last few chapters - and I'm glad I did! Our villain is revealed and I can't say I'm exactly shocked at who it was - I called it! I suspected him from about the middle toward the end of the book (as I tend to want to give people the benefits of doubt) but when his true intentions/personality was revealed, its not that shocking AT ALL. He was such a devious/deceptive character, you can't help but to suspected him of such depraved evil. 

However, what I didn't see coming ... he has an mystery accomplice! We get a few clues, but nothing for sure. He and his "silent" partner are formidable adversaries for our wonderful Hero and Heroine. I just hope they make it through this.

Benjamin, Lord Westwood, and Samantha Hastings are exceptionable, loving, and are truly partners in this book. Gone are the feelings of betrayal and aloofness. Their chemistry is just ... WOW! They are hot, sexy and and at times deliciously wicked. Sam is proving more and more that she is NO shy, English miss & Benjamin is a reformed rake who has fallen so head over ass in love. I adore that Sam is a woman who knows her own mind and will follow her own path, to the dismay of both her fiancé and her brother. But that contradicts with Benjamin's semi-overprotective nature where she's concerned.

After a shocking revelations in the last chapter, I've got questions will floating around in my head and need to be answered! How will they find the mystery accomplice/silent partner? Will it be in time before more blood is shed? Will they remove these villains as threats and neutralize them? Will Benjamin and Sam get their happily ever after?!

Sam is just as determined to end the threat to her family. And, the so story continues - and I can't wait until the person is revealed! I think I know who it is, but I'm not saying!!! (LS or MR)

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