Review: Don't Hold Back

Don't Hold Back Don't Hold Back by Missy Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Ugly Cry Stars!!!

I was immediately captured with this book as soon as I read the synopsis.  Of course, I didn't immediately save/write down about it and lost it for a while, but as luck would have it, I saw the sign up for it and couldn't get on it fast enough.  As a result, not only I will be checking out more of Ms. Johnson's work, but I bought the first book of this series as well!

This one of those stories that I needed to read, but I had to be prepared for it.  There are lots of things that I felt could be touched up, and some parts that felt too rushed. I had to pace myself with this one and savor the words, thoughts, impressions it gave me.  I laughed, I cried (ugly cry's galore!), but in the end I was semi-satisfied with the outcome.  I won't give the plot away, but I wanted just once to believe that dreams come true and miracles do happen.

Now for the warning (cuz, lets face facts - a warning is needed!) - this books is very sad, heartfelt, and an emotional love story that will leave you questioning why you read it in the first place.  But please don't let that statement detour you.  This book left me with serious #bookhangover, but what I found is that it shows more than just a beautiful romance, it shows the strength of the human spirit.  As I'm sure we all know, real life is not always dreams come true or miracles occurring.  Life is hard - its making tough decisions, holding those you love close and living it the fullest that you can in face of great adversity.

I look forward to reading more from Ms. Johnson ... and if her previous books to this series are like this one, I'm sure I'll be suffering from #bookhangover in the weeks to come.

***I received an exclusive ARC of this book***

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