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Review: Devil You Know

Devil You Know Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 I Need More Stars!!!

Damian Tate has it rough - his dad left when he was just a kid and his mom ... well, let's just say she much of one. During his high school years he meets Cam and they become fast friends. He also meets Thea, Cam's twin sister, and sparks immediately fly. Damian becomes a part of their family, thanks to the loving parents that Thea & Cam have - it wouldn't be any other way for them. With each day, the magnetic connection between Damian and Thea grows - stronger and stronger until they fall in love. Everything is good and right in their love, until reality (or Damian's "mom") kicks in. Damian is forced to make some hard decisions about their future together.

From the very first page of this book, I knew my heart was going to be ripped out and stomped on. I was on edge all throughout it, wondering if Thea and Damian's rollercoaster journey would bring them back together. The struggles they went through in order to keep some semblance of their relationship in tact and together, touched me so deeply I often found myself ugly crying. They also had to deal with something so much bigger that was threatening their lives. 

The themes of love and family is shown throughout this book and I love Ms. Fiore for giving it such importance. She reached out and touched this reader's soul, made my heart beat fast, and with every page of those sex scenes - oh lawd, I just about died! The characters were well developed as well as the storyline. I laughed A LOT, I cried A LOT MORE, and I have to say, I got #AllTheFeels about it as well. 

Devil You Know is my first L.A. Fiore book, and WHOA, what a book to start with! Oh My God, this book ... I was in #bookhangover after reading it. It was more perfect than I expected - having only read the blurb previously. Ms. Fiore has put her stamp on my heart with this one. And the fact that it's a series? BRING IT! Cuz I want MORE!!!

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