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Review: The Bride

The Bride The Bride by S. Doyle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 How Will This End Stars!

I knew I was going to enjoy this and boy was I was right!  I just didn't expect to love it so much ...

Ellie's dad has just passed and she is now left with no one since her mom passed a few years ago.

Issue #1 - she is not quite 17 years old.
Issue #2 - she has three (3) options--an aunt in Florida which is really not an option, a foster home 3 hours away, or ... *gasp* marriage.

Jake has worked for the Mason family for years.  His dad was best friends with Ellie's dad, was a father figure to Jake as well.  Jake has decided to step up and be there for Ellie.

Issue #3 - Jake & Ellie get married!

They both agree to the arrangement with the agreement they would divorce when she turned 18. Sixteen months does not seem like a long time unless you are in the same house and living together and getting closer ... right?

Issue #4 - Did I mention that Jake has a girlfriend?

This story worked through the varying stages of grief one as young as Ellie goes thru with real honesty.  It also shows the hormones of teenager and how the every day stress of living in the same house and working together can either draw people together or tear them apart.

I am really looking forward to finding out what happens next, because Ellie & Jake's story has all the makings of an epic Love Story.

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