Review: Wait For It

Wait For It Wait For It by Molly O'Keefe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 #AllTheFeels Stars!!!

This book was a roll-a-coaster of emotions - laughter, anger, joy, sadness, etc. Simply put, I loved the HELL outta this book!

When the story starts, we see Tiffany (who was introduced in the first book in this series) and we already know her backstory of the abuse she's and three kids have suffered. As it turns out, that husband is the brother of Blake (Dylan's business partner). 

Blake has shown up at her trailer as he wants to protect his mother from Phil's misdeeds. So Blake does what he does best - he tries to buy Tiffany off, but she ups the ante. An agreement is made and it's a whole year that goes by before she returns. Tiffany can't escape Phil, no matter where she goes he follows and uproots/disrupts her life and the kids. The man is a menace! She decides to go up to Annie and Dylan's house to ask for help, not knowing they were having a party and Blake is there - but so is his mother, Margaret. She still has no clue as to who Tiffany and the kids are. 

Just the first two chapters and so much has happened, it just kept getting better from there. This is a definite page turner, I could not put it down. The entire series is a definite #MUSTREAD!

The only thing I didn't care for was the ending - I felt there should have been more of a finality to it. Instead, it kinda felt like an "up in the air" ending.

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