Review: This is Me, Baby

This is Me, Baby This is Me, Baby by K. Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Holy Sh*tballs, I Need the Next Book NOW Stars!!!

I'm still devastated by #RIPDuvan, but Gabe is still my #1 mo'fo! He's my Big Angry Daddy and I love him! Ren grew on me in this one ... he's up there with Duvan & Gabe in my esteem. Brie pissed during this read though. Her action were so questionable at times, I didn't know what to think or feel.

Camilo and his son Oscar are scum ... well, at least Camilo is. Oscar REALLY and SINCERELY pissed me off in this one ... much like Ren did in the last book. And that epilogue? UGH! I'm not liking where this is heading!

Hannah is also back and I adore her kind of crazy! She is hilarious, yet very disturbing. It was nice to see her again in all her crazy glory. Esteban needs to die. Painfully, slowly, cut up into a thousand pieces and burned!!! #EstebanMustDie

That epilogue though ... My poor Vee! I couldn't think after reading that epilogue.

I have so many questions though concerning a new character and his relationship/connection to Camilo. I definitely feel that #ThereIsMoreToThatStory and Calder ... and Luciana? Could this be the next great coupling?

When I finished this book, I still couldn't put it down! Author K Webster has given us a sequel/series that is not only entertaining, but at times questions my own sanity!

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