Review: Vicious

Vicious Vicious by L.J. Shen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Move over Troy, cuz Vicious is Delicious Stars!!!

All throughout the book I was leery of Vicious, but Emilia always gave him the benefit of the doubt. I don't know how she had such blind faith in the boy turned man, the things he said and did would have caused me to RUN not walk out of his life. But as time passed and I read further the backstory, I saw what she saw - a frightened little boy who just wanted a bit of justice in his world. I actually cheered him on in that respect. The cruelty of his family, the death of his mother - my poor Vicious!

10 years is a long time to wait to tell the person you care about most that you love them, but when it's coming from the mouth of the person with the worst disposition, character, verbiage, and all out hostile attitude? What's a girl to believe, especially given the way he not only come to this knowledge but the actions he took in getting there.

I loved how in the end he was able to move from that poor wounded little boy to the man that could Love and Respect his woman (namely Millie), but he still hadn't lost his bad-ass self in the process. From High School and the HotHoles to becoming a lawyer not above any/all means necessary to make his enemies pay, Vicious truly lived up to his name and got what he needed to move forward. To become the man that Emilia could love, warts and all but still with a slice of devilishness.

I do believe Troy Brennan has been knocked from him throne in my heart by Baron "Vicious" Spencer. I never thought I would say that ... but it's true! (<---insert shock face emoji)

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