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Review: Surviving Regret

Surviving Regret Surviving Regret by Megan Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Final Score - 4 Stars

This book was such an emotional read. And by emotional I mean I was all over the place - anger, disgust, hate, hair pulling, questioning why I am reading this? Just as there are so many emotions thrown into this book. However at no time did I feel any happiness, just a profound sadness.

All of the characters were greatly flawed. Each of them having dealt with a tragedy that occurs in the book in very different ways, I couldn't help be feel such sadness in their actions. And there was no greater I had no empathy towards than Landon. He frustrated me beyond belief - so much so, that I wanted to punch Landon throughout the book. Madison was another character that I just couldn't feel an empathy towards. I wanted to smack her! I just didn't understand her though process or reasoning's. Macy I could understand. Like Macy, I too (at one time in my life) tended to let things remain unsaid or turn a blind eye to things. I didn't speak up for myself and was often hurt by other's thoughtless actions.

So I understood why Macy was holding a grudge against her sister. But the fact that she was still talking to Landon. I couldn't understand that. They both hurt in ... and in the cruelest way possible! That really blew me away. There comes a time when some people cannot be easily as forgiven as others may be.

The one thing I didn't like is it there were no clear chapters; it felt more like I was reading someone's journal at times. All in all a really good read, but these characters ... I don't know if I could ever read this again and think differently of them.

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