Review: My Step-Dad's Brother

My Step-Dad's Brother My Step-Dad's Brother by Fiona Davenport
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Final Score - 5 I Need An A/C STAT Stars!

Chalk this one up to what I believe has become synonymous with what I can always expect from every Fiona Davenport story I read - smut, delicious alpha males, and a scorching HAWT time had by all! This one ladies is one NOT to be missed! The taboo element didn't even play into my head or cause me to have any judgement - NONE ARE NECESSARY! In short ...


Here's some thoughts ... I have to say is I felt there was more to Stanley's story and not just with Bunny. It's evident that Harrison got his demeanor/behavior from him (as he did raise him), so how did he get like that? Is that why his relationship with Bunny works? Who knows, but I would have loved to learn more about the parents.

Another thing is Magnolia's relationship with Bunny wasn't really explained except to say that Maggie took on the parental figure role. I would have loved to learn that Bunny was perhaps a teen mom? Was that why she was in Maggie's terms "flighty"? And where exactly is Maggie's dad? Or rather, what happened to him?

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