Review: Hit the Spot

Hit the Spot Hit the Spot by J. Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Jamie Touched My Soft Stars!!!

OH EM GEE JAMIE!!! If I thought I was firmly and empathically #TeamWildTrouble before, I think was seriously mistaken, just a tad. It looks like I'm really #TeamLoserLegs after this.

Jamie is cocky, self-assured, lovable, a little bit annoying in a charming way, and just doesn't take any hints thrown his way. And while I normally cannot stand overtly cocky men, Jamie/Loser has changed my mind/outlook on cocky men. I adored getting to know him! He never gave up, even when all signs pointed that he should have. I loved that about him - it just wasn't in him to walk away from his heart.

Tori is just a bit leery of men at the moment, having foolishly and unknowingly given her heart and body over to a man who wasn't free. This has caused Tori/Legs to be closed off, guarded and just not willing to give any guy a chance, and certainly not a Loser (in her mind) like Jamie. But when you least expect it, even Losers can open your eyes to possibilities and your heart to love again.

These two certainly gave as good as each of them got - and then some. And while Legs was no weak miss to be walked all over, Loser wouldn't let her fears, assumptions, and indifference drive a wedge between them.

I laughed, I cried, I shouted, I pulled my hair in frustration over these two! This book had me with #AllTheFeels - my fourth book this month - never has a book left with a such good feeling and a sincere hope that this only relationship flourishes in the future.

I cannot wait until the paperback - which I preordered after FLW - is in my hands! Another job well done Ms. Daniels.

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