Review: Hate Story

Hate Story Hate Story by Nicole Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 LOVE/HATE Stars!!!

Max needs to marry someone in order to stay in his home - The US. Nina needs help settling outstanding debts in order to keep her home - her beloved Grand-ma's house. What happens next is a series of blunders, high-jinx, mayhem, confessions and a little bit of hate-turn-love.

I enjoyed every minute of learning about Max and Nina - their childhoods, their thoughts, their values, families, etc. Neither one had an easy time but in each other, they found the part of themselves that was missing - unintentionally of course.

Ms. Williams writes two deliciously flawed characters who can't seem to help themselves to the truths of one another or in themselves - Love. It was never supposed to be part of the equation - love was supposed to be checked & left at the curb side. Hate was the only option - but even in Hate, you find can find a little love.

I didn't know how I would feel after reading this book. From the title and blurb alone I was expecting it go one way and for me to pull my hair out in utter frustration, tossing the book into the corner, vowing to never EVER read another story like this again. This book ... was so NOT that book!

I couldn't put it down ... well, except to sleep cuz I needed to sleep and work the next day. This book engaged me from the prologue to the epilogue. I didn't want it to end. I just wanted a little more Hate in this Love Story. And in the end I got perfection!

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