Review: Everything for Her

Everything for Her Everything for Her by Alexa Riley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Move Over Christian Grey Stars!!!

Oz (Miles) is unlike any alpha character I've read before. He puts Christian Grey to shame! Does that tell you enough? And as frustrating as Christian was, he's NOTHING compared to Oz.

Mallory does share some similarities with Ana as well, but she is no where near as annoying as I found Ana to be at times. She's fierce, strong willed, fragile, yet she doesn't live in her head - she lives her life on her terms and won't let anyone mess with her or her career.

The cat-mouse game at times was extremely fun to read. The natural progression of their relationship was entertaining as well. And I loved that she really made him work for her affection; so much so that when Oz and Mallory finally come together ... WHOA! <---insert fanning self emoji

If you are looking for a romance with sizzling chemistry, an out of control, over the top alpha male, a naive yet strong willed virgin, THIS is the book to keep you not only engrossed for the day, but salivating like a dog over the juiciest bone! Boy does Alexa Riley serve it up good with this latest book - ay chihuahua! I'm still debating over taking an ice cold shower to cool me down. I highly recommend you get to one-clicking this read ... as it delivers an unforgettable yet sexy read all in one sizzling novel that can only be conceived and given life by Alexa Riley!

I think I will take that shower now...

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