Review: Becoming a Legend

Becoming a Legend Becoming a Legend by Sarah Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Sexy Bikini Taco Stars!!!

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I enjoyed the hell outta this book! I even enjoyed the sexual tension that ran rampant between Nora and Kane. Since the last book, I've been rooting for these two to get together. The sparks were there from the very beginning and the more time progressed, the more these two became engrained in each other's lives. There was NO way these two could not act on it!

The only problem I had (my main bane of frustration) from the beginning to end had to do with both Nora & Kane's ignoring their true feelings for one other and hiding them. I couldn't understand Kane's reasoning, but I understood Nora's. However, there were times when I wanted to slap them/knock their skulls together for not paying attention to the signs. I mean seriously - How could they ignore that chemistry?

The character I absolutely couldn't relate to was Marie. She was just more than an absent-minded parent, she was a moocher and worse, towards her only child? I loathed that woman and I hope to never hear of her in the future. Nora's desperate fight for Marie's love broke my heart, thus her reasoning for being leery of people ... and of Kane. Marie doesn't deserve Nora's attention/devotion or her love ... EVER. There is no justification at all for a child to be used in such a callous way by their own parent.

The character I truly fell in with this time around was Seamus. He tugged at my heart with the lengths he went to defend not only his family, but the newest members who have joined the fold. If only there were more men like Seamus in this world! He went to great lengths to protect them, much like a parent would and should be.

It was great seeing the family dynamics in action once again as well, with Dee ruling her broad with her usual barb and iron fist. She's the ultimate Mom. I hope that Nora finds in her that mother she deserves. It's my most reverent wish that in Dee, Nora finds a true mom abandons her attempts with Marie.

I'm SO ready for the next book in this series ... and Quinn's story. Something tells me though that I won't survive this book without Kleenex.

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