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His to Cherish His to Cherish by Stacey Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Oh My Heart Stars!!!

Aidan is a single father, raising his son Derrick after his ex walks out on them. He's faced his toughest challenge - raising a man when he was just still a boy himself. Together with his steadfast friends, he did so and Derrick has turned out to be a terrific young man with a promising future, until an accident changes everything.

Chelsea is single after a failed marriage. She's struggling to put her life back together after receiving life changing news that all but destroyed her hopes and dreams of a family. She's got a lot of love to give and is currently crushing on a certain single dad. But what happens when she's a witness to an accident that has lasting repercussions for not only Chelsea, but her single dad as well?

WARNING: You will a need a steady supply of tissues when reading this story, as you will laugh and cry; feel sad and cry; and be so frustrated, you cry. I felt for Aidan and Chelsea - life has them some blow that people don't usually come back from. These two nearly didn't and it broke my heart to read their struggles. By the end of this book, I was left with a strong sense of hope for the future.

Love is a powerful feeling to have, even more powerful to discover when all sense of hope is lost. These two do have to overcome fear, miscommunication, and horrific tragedy to find their HEA. The journey to it is a ride well worth it after all is said and done.

In lots of ways, this book just about broke me - from the very beginning to the very ending. The tragic event that took place just about killed me. And coupled with Chelsea's hidden pain, nearly sent me over the edge. But this wasn't a book about how to deal with tragic events - it was more about finding hope and purpose when there doesn't seem to be any, love when it's least expect, and a new version of a family when one seems out of reach.

Ms. Lynn crafted an emotionally charged book that is sure to hit her readers with what I've come to call #AllTheFeels, but they will not be disappointed in the outcome.

***I received an exclusive ARC of this book***

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