Review: Fling

Fling Fling by Jana Aston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Oh Sandra! You wallflower, you! At times, I wanted to just give her a firm tap on the back of the head. Just to get her head on straight! Poor thing had just about zero confidence in her sexuality, but considering her last relationship, I couldn't blame her.

I loved how Everly & Chloe pushed her to open herself up to the possibility of something MORE with Gabe. If not, she would have still been pinning away for him. And Gabe wasn't one to be put off either. I love a little aggression in male.

I loved seeing the inner workings of both their minds as this was written in dual perspective and how their relationship progressed.

This sexy office romance almost makes me want to consider an office romance, but I think of the slim pickings here at my job and well, that would a N-O. This was a quick witted read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, I have to read Wrong & Right because yet again, some how I seemed to have skipped over that.

But, reading those two books in NO way prohibits you (the reader) from missing out on anything in this book. Kudos to Ms. Aston for her impeccable skills!

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