Review: This Isn't You, Baby

This Isn't You, Baby This Isn't You, Baby by K. Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 MIND TWISTED STARS!!!

***I received an exclusive ARC of this book***

This book lived up to what I've come to expect from K. Webster - raw, unrelenting, dark, twisty romance. She brings an edge that I have not read yet in any other book or series to date. My self-proclaimed Queen of Darkness has left me begging in the corner, wanted more!

This book gutted me! The depths of depravity that Brie went to and thru - nearly broke me. At times, I didn't know who to root for - Ren, the first love/boyfriend but who was also keeping a massive secret from her or Duvan, a drug-lord who's near obsession with her could bring about her total destruction.

I'm not going to give ANYTHING away, you just HAVE TO read this for yourself! And not yourself or the outcome when have. I'm still debating on both.

And the killer/shocking ending? My mind was literally blown! I did NOT see it coming. Oh lord, I'm going to need serious therapy before I even contemplate reading the next book. Love this book? No...

I'm stark, raving MAD for it!

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