Review: Raine

Raine Raine by J.C. Valentine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 Stars!

***I received an exclusive ARC of this book***

Oh this book!

I could not put it down... the story gripped me from beginning to end. It called to the outsider I very much felt when I was in HS. It would call to anyone feeling alone, disconnected, invisible. And then it made me angry. Over the treatment that Raine received not only by her peers, but by her parents as well.

This wasn't really a story of a girl finding her knight to come rescue her. This was a story of a girl who had all these obstacles thrown at her, and yet she found the strength to not put up with it and be that alone, disconnect invisible person any longer. I loved her bravery. I cheered at her spunky attitude. I cried when she was hurt. And I rejoiced when she got the kind of life she always deserved.

This book has guts, wit, and most importantly heart. I loved it to pieces and I highly recommend it.

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