Review: Exposed: A Jaded Regret Novel

Exposed: A Jaded Regret Novel Exposed: A Jaded Regret Novel by L.L. Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Final Score - 5 I Can't Believe It Stars!!!

Again, I've read a book that is part of a series, which I haven't even heard of before. Nor have I read the previous books. And once again, I didn't need to! This book was well written and I could follow along and not feel as if I was missing any information.

I feel for Beau & Natalie. No child should have to grow up with way they did. To believe they are functioning adults wasn't hard to grasp, some kids are resilient and can overcome their past. These two had some bumps and scraps along the way, but they made it thru to the other side. I commend them for that.

The fact they only had each other was so sad to read about, in light of all of Natalie & Beau's issues later in life.

The love story took a back seat in this book to me. I don't know why, usually I'm on board and loving it, but it was more a self love book. Natalie needed to love Natalie first before anyone else could. And in the end, she does.

This book is powerful in the emotions department as I didn't have a dry face for about 3/4 of it. I love it and now I have to buy the other books in this series, of course.

Epic story telling Ms. Collins and thank you for sharing it!

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