Review: Stepdaddy Savage

Stepdaddy Savage Stepdaddy Savage by Charleigh Rose
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Edited to add in - Final Score ... 4.5 stars!

I LOVED this book. From beginning to end, it was playful in that "will they"? "won't they"? way.

Graham isn't a man of many words. Action. He's ALL about showing you who he is, what he wants/like, and how he's gonna get it!

I felt so bad for Dahlia. To have Annabelle as a mom. Why didn't she just go & live with her grandmother?

Annabelle was by far the most disgusting excuse for a human being, let alone parent. I'm still upset that she walked away with what she did. She should have gotten zero, Zilch, NOTHING! If I was Graham, I would have fought the bitch harder & longer.

I felt the ending, while short & sweet was a bit abrupt and it didn't sit right with me. I wish there could have been some more insight into their future - i.e. at least two more time jumps.

All in all, this was a quick & quite enjoyable read - if you get my meaning *wink*

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